Grange Primary

Mar 24


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Today we have started to use Minecraft as a writing tool in our class. We shared simple ideas about what Minecraft actually was and how we could link it to our writing. Our first attempt for writing was to produce a set of instructions on how to use Minecraft. Not everyone in the class knew […]

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Jul 14

Just thought I would leave you a message to let you know how things are going with my treatment. I went to the hospital at 6.50am on Monday to have the operation on my knee. This photo is the day before and I was getting sorted ready to go. #?Day1AfterSurgery? Surgery done – 3.5hrs this […]

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Jul 02

We have been looking at the short animation video of ‘Girl and Robot’ during our Literacy lesson today. The video is from The Literacy Shed – which is a cool place for ideas to spark your imagination. As part of our task we wrote the next 2 paragraphs of the story – in 2 different […]

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Jun 25

As you will know by now someone has been roped into the usual game of ‘SOAK THE TEACHER’. Your task for this piece of work is to imagine how this person is feeling about the game? What sort of emotions/feeling could you write about from the image below? Explain in a paragraph how this person […]

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Feb 04

Using this image to write a piece of descriptive writing about what it signifies. Include in your work the use of description, adverbial phrases, adjectives, clauses etc. Make your writing reflect the horror of the events that happened in this place.

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Nov 09

What do you understand by the saying ‘Less We Forget’? Using your knowledge and understanding of the WW1 research we have done this term, explain what the term means to you. Include any examples of research you have found that helped you to form your opinion. Use the photograph to link your opinion to the […]

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Oct 13

I just heard a rumour from the front line trenches that there is going to be a truce on Christmas Day. I wonder why that is? Using this rumour as a starting point, write your own explanation as to why there is going to be a truce on Christmas Day 1914…

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