Grange Primary

May 16

What is the name of the room & the building that the Queen – HRH Queen Elizabeth II, is not permitted to go into? Post your answers below.

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Mar 24


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Today we have started to use Minecraft as a writing tool in our class. We shared simple ideas about what Minecraft actually was and how we could link it to our writing. Our first attempt for writing was to produce a set of instructions on how to use Minecraft. Not everyone in the class knew […]

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Mar 07

This is the link for you to look at some of the revision areas for Maths that we will be covering over the next few weeks. As shown in class, pick your topic area and then generate some questions to challenge your self with. Post your comments on here and we can share your […]

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Mar 03

This is more of a challenge for you to do with your family. I would like you to show other members of your family the sort of exercises we have been doing recently – in our PE Hall Sessions. See if you can get them to join in with you and to take the ‘Bring […]

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Feb 24

Using your research from today’s Literacy lesson can you add 3 important facts that you found out about MLK. In this video clip – ‘I had a Dream’ what is it that MLK was dreaming about? How did his speech influence the Rights of Americans?

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Feb 22

The storyteller She sat, chin in her hand, head turned towards the window like a flower drawn towards the light. Her eyes fixed on the sky, staring, lost in her own imagination. Looking out she did not see a sky as plain as any other would, no, she saw a sky in endless shades of […]

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Jan 21

Who was Sir Edmund Hillary and what is he famous for? Write 5 interesting facts ago his life, family, friends and what he did in life.

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Jan 05

During your adventures in the Spring Term you will need to take a maximum of 10 items in the survival kit. These items will be used to help you survive in the mountains and enable you to live in the wilderness alone. Your task: To list the 10 items you want to take with you […]

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Dec 16

Digi Bear

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You can use this page to tell everyone about how Digi Bear has been involved in Class, Home, School or any of the tasks you have completed to earn him visiting you. How did you win him staying over at your home? Did you do anything special with him? Was he a good or naughty […]

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Nov 20

What do you think about our new VLE? Have you logged in and had a look? You will be able to access the VLE both in school and at home, using your own personal log in details. But remember our E-Safety rules and make it a Happy & Fun place to continue your learning. Share […]

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