Grange Primary

Nov 20


What do you think about our new VLE? Have you logged in and had a look?

You will be able to access the VLE both in school and at home, using your own personal log in details. But remember our E-Safety rules and make it a Happy & Fun place to continue your learning. Share your experiences with your family and show them just how much you are learning.

Digi Bear will also make visits this year and will be hoping to challenge you with some of the activities available to you.

Nov 12

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the school ‘DIGI BEAR’.
Digi Bear has joined us after we won a Naming competition from DB Primary, the School’s Website & VLE provider.

GVrUd83h.jpg large

We would like you to tell Digi Bear all about the great things we do at our school and what to look forward to on arriving here.

You can send Digi Bear a letter, a blog, email, or message. But remember to also include your favourite activities too.

Nov 03

poppy-and-soldier- Remembrance Day


For many people that buy a Poppy and wear it during the beginning of November, it is because they want to remember those that have fought and died for our country over the years.

But for the pupils in our school they will buy their Poppy and wearing it for the following reasons:

Nov 03


After visiting Conwy Castle in North Wales your task is to build your own castle using a range of different materials that can be found at home.

You are to write an explanation of how you constructed your Castle and what materials you found best to use. Did you have any difficulties whilst making the Castle or would you consider changing any parts of the finished model? If so why?

The Castle can consist of any of the following parts in order to be complete:


Nov 03


From your researching of the ‘Bonfire Night’ topic, produce a piece of writing that can identify the dangers associated with this theme.

Look to include details for the following facts:


Success Criteria:

Feelings/Emotions linked to characters involved in the Bonfire, adjectives/adverbs for description, conjunctions for joining sentences together, topic sentences for each paragraph. a range of punctuation.

Aug 18

Grange Breaking News

This is the opportunity for you to post any News that you wish to share – from during your holidays to ongoing News throughout the year.

Breaking News

Jul 14

Just thought I would leave you a message to let you know how things are going with my treatment. I went to the hospital at 6.50am on Monday to have the operation on my knee.

This photo is the day before and I was getting sorted ready to go.

Day before Operation

Day before Operation


Surgery done – 3.5hrs this morning. Home about 7pm tonight.

I was in recovery and had all the Doctors & Nurses in fits of laughter, as I was giggling & smiling under the drugs. They asked if I was ok when opened my eyes. My 1st words they said was “Can I go training today now”?

This is my knee now.

This is my knee now.

Knee is straight but sore now.

Knee is straight but sore now.

I hope to come in and visit you on the last day as planned. But it will only be for an hour or so. I’m now allowed to walk on my leg for the next 6 weeks so I get tired very very quickly. Hope you are all keeping well and looking after Miss Partridge & Miss Ruskin for me.

Let me know how you are getting on – best wishes Mr Highton

Jul 03

This is an opportunity to share my experiences in Year 6 this week.

Jul 03

Today’s task is to write 2 paragraphs of the next step in the story.

One paragraph in the perspective of Alma and one in the perspective of the Doll.

Include feelings/emotions and description.

Jul 02

We have been looking at the short animation video of ‘Girl and Robot’ during our Literacy lesson today.

The video is from The Literacy Shed – which is a cool place for ideas to spark your imagination.

As part of our task we wrote the next 2 paragraphs of the story – in 2 different perspectives – one as the Girl and the other as the Robot.