Grange Primary

Mar 24

Today we have started to use Minecraft as a writing tool in our class. We shared simple ideas about what Minecraft actually was and how we could link it to our writing.

Our first attempt for writing was to produce a set of instructions on how to use Minecraft. Not everyone in the class knew about it – especially the teachers.

In our SATS Homework Club we again introduced Minecraft, to produce a story plan, for creating a ‘New World’ story. This will be developed over the weekend, by introducing new settings & characters into our story.


I would like you to explain how Minecraft can help you with your writing ideas and what other benefits we can share from using it more in our school.

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  1. Berfin
    5:13 pm - 4-1-2016

    Well I think minecraft is helpful because it will get your brain thinking and is a fun way to plan ou your ideas. Also , are enjoyable for kids and, will help them to play and socialise with their friends!

  2. angel
    5:19 pm - 4-17-2016

    Mincraft could help us in school because, in school we are learning about Balanced Arguments and it can help us by planning our world on things like Minecraft!

  3. Natasha s
    6:30 pm - 4-17-2016

    i think that minecraft is a very good idea because it is making us work very ahrd and we get to have fun at the same time!

  4. connor jhonson
    7:39 am - 4-18-2016

    i think mycraft is grate because its all about survival + its a fun game and we had a topic survival/shelters.

    oh our old topic used to be mountains so on my xbox 360 i built a massive marulouse mountain.

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