Grange Primary

Mar 07

This is the link for you to look at some of the revision areas for Maths that we will be covering over the next few weeks.

As shown in class, pick your topic area and then generate some questions to challenge your self with.

Post your comments on here and we can share your difficulties & successes together.

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  1. Georgina
    6:27 pm - 3-7-2016

    I went on the link and played the maths game and thought it was really fun.
    I will use this more often.I the most of the questions right ,the topic was halving.

  2. matt
    6:23 pm - 3-13-2016

    I tried the multiplication questions

  3. Natasha
    6:27 pm - 3-16-2016

    I played and gave it a good go to and on some of the questions i found quite hard.(on the multiplication questions)

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