Grange Primary

Mar 03

This is more of a challenge for you to do with your family. I would like you to show other members of your family the sort of exercises we have been doing recently – in our PE Hall Sessions. See if you can get them to join in with you and to take the ‘Bring Sally Up’ Squat Challenge.

Remember the ‘HOLD’ but for a bit of fun, don’t tell the family member doing the challenge with you. Once you have done it with them ask them to post a comment on here and explain what they thought of it. You can also show them some of the other ‘SALLY’ Challenges we have tried this term.

Good Luck and enjoy the fun of the challenges.

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  1. Jack s
    1:36 pm - 3-4-2016

    I enjoy any type of Sally because they help your muscles and I enjoy exercises.

  2. Morgan p
    1:37 pm - 3-4-2016

    I like the Sally challenges but it is painful but it’s making your muscles better

  3. Jack d
    1:38 pm - 3-4-2016

    I’ve already done it with my sister.

  4. Cody
    1:39 pm - 3-4-2016

    I will get my mum and my brother to do it.

  5. Declen
    1:39 pm - 3-4-2016

    Defo gonna try this challenge with the family

  6. Angel
    1:40 pm - 3-4-2016

    I will try that again because my mum and I did it last night but we failed so we will do it tonight!

  7. Jack d
    1:40 pm - 3-4-2016

    My sister didn’t know about the hold part so it was a fun trick.

  8. Matt
    1:41 pm - 3-4-2016

    I will do it after my party on Saturday for fun

  9. Lilly
    1:41 pm - 3-4-2016

    We have done this in school lots of times !!! And I will try to get my mum to do it with me over the weekend !!!!!! It’s fun to do when you get used to it !!!!

  10. Berfin
    1:41 pm - 3-4-2016

    I have done this exercise before with my brother and he did enjoy, but he made me do it too so I hated it. Especially I hated when the hold came on!!

  11. Jack r
    1:42 pm - 3-4-2016

    My mum does it anyway

  12. Billy
    1:43 pm - 3-4-2016

    my dad all ready done it

  13. Ruby
    1:43 pm - 3-4-2016

    I have already done this challenge with my sister and she has told her netball team so they do it every Sunday before there netball game

  14. Alex
    1:44 pm - 3-4-2016


  15. Megan
    1:45 pm - 3-4-2016

    I will try it tonight with my family.

  16. Natasha S
    1:45 pm - 3-4-2016

    When we do PE I love the doing the bring Sally up challenge because it’s funny when we have to hold it and people start to feel the burn! And I think it would be funny to tell my mum and dad to try it I am sure it will be fun!

  17. Daniel
    1:46 pm - 3-4-2016

    CHALLENGE ACCEPPTED! I will complete this

  18. abbys
    1:47 pm - 3-4-2016

    I’m going to get my family to try it

  19. Josh
    1:51 pm - 3-4-2016

    My Mum has tried it at home she thought it was easy but when she tried again the next day her legs hurt for the rest of the day.

  20. Georgina
    1:53 pm - 3-4-2016

    I have accepted your challenge sir

  21. lucy
    1:53 pm - 3-4-2016

    When we did the squat challenge it was really shocking how many times u had to hold .When we kept doing it in P.E it started to be fun and easier I can’t wait to show my mum and dad I will try to make them do it everyday yay !

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