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Feb 24

Using your research from today’s Literacy lesson can you add 3 important facts that you found out about MLK.

In this video clip – ‘I had a Dream’ what is it that MLK was dreaming about?

How did his speech influence the Rights of Americans?

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  1. Leo
    3:13 pm - 2-24-2016

    .Born as Michael Luther Jr.
    .Entered college at the age of 15
    .King received his doctorate
    .”I have a dream.” speech was not his first at the Lincoln Memorial
    .King was jailed 29 time
    .King narrowly escaped an assassination attempt a decade before his death

  2. Cody
    3:17 pm - 2-24-2016

    MartinLuther King

    Dr.king got a c in public speaking at seminary school.

    While at crozier theological seminary, Dr. King was introduced to the teachings and philosophies of Mohammad’s Gandhi.

    Dr. King was virtually unknown when he was named as spokesman for the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955.

    Dr. King apparently improvised parts of the “I have a dream” speech in August 1963, including it’s title passage.

    When Dr. King was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1964, at the time he was the youngest peace prize winner ever, at the age of 35.

  3. Berfin
    3:24 pm - 2-24-2016

    1.Born January 15th 1929.
    2. Died at age 39.
    3.His killer James Earl Ray.

    Martin Luther King Jr was dreaming about equale rights and no rascism. Sadly, not everyone wanted equale rights, and that’s how he died.

  4. lilly
    5:03 pm - 2-24-2016

    1. He was born January 15,1926

    2. His education place was Boston University, Morehouse Collage, Crozer Theological Seminary.

    3. Died April 4, 1968

    When Martin Luther King said he had a dream I think he saw that the black people would be treated better in the future and everybody will have equal rights in life . E.G The black people wont have to move out of a seat on a bus for a white person to sit down.

  5. Ruby
    5:31 pm - 2-24-2016

    mlk was born in 1929 on january 15th .
    had 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls )
    he was 39 when he died

  6. Ellie
    5:48 pm - 2-24-2016

    1.MLK got assassinated on April 4 1968.
    2.MLK was born on Tuesday 15 January 1929.
    3.MLK had two siblings Alfred and Christina .

    The speech I had a dream was about black and white people having the same rights as the rest of the Americans.

  7. Jack s
    6:40 pm - 2-24-2016

    1. MLK was assassinated
    2. He was 39 when he died
    3. He created the start of a new race

    His dream was about black and white people being treated equal. The Americans then tried to kill him by blowing up his house. A man named James Earl Ray then assassinated him in 1968 as he just left a resteraunt named Lorraine.

  8. Jack d
    6:41 pm - 2-24-2016

    Martin Luther King (MLK) was born in 1929 on 15 January in Atlantia, Georgia United States.

    He died in 1968 aged 39 on April 4, he was assinated by James Erl Ray whilst stood on a balcony.

    He performed “I Had A Dream” at A.Lincolns memeorial in Washington D.C on 20. August 1963.

  9. Angel
    6:42 pm - 2-24-2016

    He was born January 15, 1929, Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4.
    Advancing the Civil Rights Movement and his “I Have a Dream” speech.

  10. Jack r
    6:42 pm - 2-24-2016

    Martin was born 15 January 1929
    He was born in Atlanta Georia
    Died April 4 1968 assasinated by James Earl Ray
    He had a dream was his famous,he presented his speech August 28 1963

  11. Georgina
    7:01 pm - 2-24-2016

    It gave the American people a grate deal of hope and the dream of a equal future.It also let the people know that somebody believed in them.

  12. Matt
    7:30 pm - 2-24-2016

    1.He was famous for his speech about American wrights.

    2.His father was called Martin Luther King Sr.

    3.He died at the age of 39.

    MLK’s dream was about coloured people where treated equally.Whitch gave many Americans hope of a better future.

  13. Liam Finlayson
    7:54 pm - 2-24-2016

    Martin luther king was born in january 15th in 1926 and unfortunately died in 1968 and did the walk on 1962 and his speech showed me thatone man wss getting treated horribly becauuse of the colour of his skinand his dream was to free his type of race and get treated like any other person

  14. abby s
    8:02 am - 2-25-2016

    Martin Luther king: 1~ wanted equal rights 2~ he was an American 3~ he died at the age of 39.

  15. declen
    4:31 pm - 2-25-2016

    . born 1929
    . has 4 children
    . famous for his dream speach

  16. megan
    5:10 pm - 2-25-2016

    Martin Luther King was jailed 29 times
    Died at the age of 39
    He was famous for his speech abut American Wrights

  17. lucy
    5:28 pm - 2-25-2016

    Martin Luther King Jr

    .He won the Nobel peace prize in (1964 aged 36 )
    .Married Corretta Scott King
    .He was on the balcony at a motel in Memphis,Tennessee with his friends jess and was sniped by James Earl Ray because he disagreed that the other creed should get the same attention as that the white people get.

    The dream was about were Martin Luther King want the over creeds to have the same respect and things that white people have

  18. Daniel r
    1:28 pm - 2-26-2016

    .he was born in 1929, he died 1968, he was buried in Atlanta, 4 children, famous I had a dream speech

  19. Connor
    1:32 pm - 2-26-2016

    .noble peace prize1964 (aged 36)
    .married correctable Scott King.
    .he was on the balcony at a motel in Memphis.
    .he was killed by James earl Ray
    .born 1929

  20. Georgina
    1:33 pm - 2-26-2016

    Facts about Martin Luther King

    -He was 39 when he died

    -He tried to commit suicide at the at the age of 12

    -He go assassinated while he was in a motel

  21. Alex
    1:37 pm - 2-26-2016

    Martin Luther King had a dream, it was about Giving Americans The same rights. He was born in 1929 January 15 and died 1968. He made a speech called I had a dream where he allowed colulerd and black people rights.

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