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Jan 05

During your adventures in the Spring Term you will need to take a maximum of 10 items in the survival kit. These items will be used to help you survive in the mountains and enable you to live in the wilderness alone.


Your task:

To list the 10 items you want to take with you and to identify their use in helping you survive.

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  1. Natasha
    3:22 pm - 1-5-2016

    In my survival kit I would bring…

    7)-pocket knife
    8)-books (to keep me calm
    9)-3 jackets

    • Mr Highton
      3:29 pm - 1-5-2016

      Explain what you would need each item for please.

  2. Jack s
    3:26 pm - 1-5-2016

    1. The first object I would take to the mountains would be a back pack because it could store all of my other objects.

    2. The next object I would take would be a first aid kit so, if I get wounds/cuts I would deal with it with the equipment rather than making it infected and dirty.

    3. The third object I would take would be tinned food/rations so I don’t starve.

    4. The fourth object I would take would be a Swiss Army knife because it has equipment for hunting and cutting.

    5. Next, I would take a survival blanket for a shelter.

    6. Then I would get a ball of string to tie around branches and to support the blanket.

    7. The final object I would take would be a plastic bottle to collect the stream water or to collect little bugs to eat instead of the rations.

  3. angel
    3:38 pm - 1-5-2016

    The 10 different things I would put in My Survival Kit are a

    • Mr Highton
      3:57 pm - 1-5-2016

      Explain what you would use each item for – please.

    • Ruby
      5:33 pm - 1-5-2016

      Thanks for the compass idea .

  4. Joshua moreton
    3:46 pm - 1-5-2016

    You will need for your survival kit: knife, torch, rope, pocketknife, food, coat, radio, compass, clothes, matches

  5. lucy
    3:57 pm - 1-5-2016

    1.MRE, so you don’t starve to death.
    2.10 packets of matches, so you can start a fire and so you have extra
    3.Bottle, so you don’t have to be thirsty and you can get water from lakes near by and other things.
    4.Spare warm clothes, if you get your clothes wet or dirt then you can wear the clothes.
    5.Bag, so you can put your things in so you don’t have to carry them.
    6.Blankets, so you can be warm at night or use it to cover your tent/shelter.
    7.Tent, so you wont have to stay up all night and so you can hide.
    8.Knife collection, so u can kill animals for food.
    9.Camera, then I can take picture of the mountain and other things.
    10.First aid kit, encase there is an injury.

  6. Natasha
    4:00 pm - 1-5-2016

    I would use food to keep me keep and so tat I would not starve to death and water to keep me hydrated a lighter to light a fire binoculars to see what’s coming from far away a torch to have light a backpack to carry all my stuff a pocket knife for hunting books to keep me calm 3 jackets to stay warm and cotton to use to make a den.

  7. Natasha
    4:02 pm - 1-5-2016

    I would use food to keep me going

  8. Leo
    4:02 pm - 1-5-2016

    1. Camping knife. 10. Food
    2. String
    3. Blankit
    4. Backpack
    5. Flint and steel
    6. Clothes
    7. Book
    8. Radio
    9. Jacket

  9. berfin
    4:16 pm - 1-5-2016

    1.Firstly, I would take with me a plenty of food to survive up on the mountains.

    2.Next, I would bring with me a backpack to place my supplies in.

    3.Thirdly, I would bring with me is a ball of string to support my tent.

    4.Next, I would bring along with me is a flare to make fire and, to cook my food I hunted for.

    5.Then, I would bring with me would be a knife to hunt my food and, to protect my self.

    6. I also would bring Is something that’s flammable like cotton.

    7.Next, I would bring along would be, a mini first aid kit to not make weight on me and to help me when I get a really bad cut!

    8.Addition to that, I would bring a canteen to put my water In.

    9.I would bring 1 or 2 jumpers to keep me warm.

    10.Finally, I would bring with me is a flashlight to go hunting at night time.

  10. Ruby
    5:31 pm - 1-5-2016

    The first thing I would bring in my survival kit would be a bow and arrow so i don’t need to bring food with me ,instead i can kill animals to eat .
    I would also take a survival knife which is knife that can do seven different things and can also be used if the bow and arrow doesn’t work .
    Two very important things you needed to bring would be a torch including a spear battery tray to use to see and if the light goes out you can just change the battery’s and a first aid kit incase you get hurt .
    It would be a grate idea to bring a back pack to put every thing in .
    To keep you warm i would bring two or three sweaters / jumpers .
    To make sure I didn’t get sick i would bring a water bottle that changes dirty water into clean water .
    To be safe i would bring rope to throe to the top of the mountain so I could climb up.
    A good thing to bring would be a compass so you know witch way to go .
    I would also bring a hammer and nails to support my shelter .

  11. angel
    5:33 pm - 1-5-2016

    I chose a knife because it

  12. Megan
    5:53 pm - 1-5-2016

    The first object I would take to the mountains is a pocket knife so I can hunt for my food and slice and cook the food. The second thing i would take would be a first aid kit so if I happen to cut or slice my self I can deal with it there and then with my plasters so it won’t get infected. The next object that I would take would be my three layered jacket that can turn into less jackets so I don’t get cold and don’t get to warm. The fourth thing I would take is my survival blanket so that when I make my shelters I will be nice and warm. Next I would take a backpack to store my stuff in when there not being used or being eaten. Also I would take a flint so it’s easier for me to light fires to help me get warm and to cook some of my food. The final object I would take is a ball of string so my shelters are more safer for me to stay in. One more thing I would take a medium sized cup to collect my drinks and to drink them.

  13. connor
    5:56 pm - 1-5-2016

    9.multi pack pack

  14. Matt
    6:52 pm - 1-5-2016

    1) I would take some matches because when you need a fire for warmth or shelter you will be able to light it.
    2) You need a torch for dark nights and hunting
    3) Also you need to take a sharp pocket knife for hunting and animal encounters
    4) You’ll need to take some suitable clothing for cold snowy mountains and many a waterproof coat
    5) For life and death situations, you’ll need a radio to contact SOS.
    6) Aswell you’ll need to take some rationed food for starving situations
    7) To transport all this equipment you will need a back-pack
    8) If you build a shelter you will need some rope to tie it together
    9) For the meat you collect, you will need some brown paper bags to keep it fresh
    10) Finally you will need some boots that have allot of grip to climb the steep mountains

  15. Jack D
    7:34 pm - 1-5-2016

    I would take:

    1.) Flint
    2.) food / water
    3.) thermal clothing
    4.) survival blanket
    5.) Swiss army knife
    6.) backpack
    7.) 2 way ranger radio
    8.) all terrain boots
    9.) string
    10.) empty milk cartons / bottles

    I would take these items because they are very helpful and if I could only take 5 of these items I would take the Swiss army knife, string empty milk cartons/ bottles, boots.

  16. Alex
    7:53 pm - 1-5-2016

    Firstly I would take a Flint To start a fire
    Then I would take some string for any needs
    Third I would take some food to eat
    Fourth I would take some water

  17. lilly
    5:10 pm - 1-6-2016

    If I went on a trip up a mountain I would take ….

    1. Tin food so it is easy to carry and easy to cook.

    2. Compass so I know which direction to go.

    3. Pocket knife so I can cut wood up (for a fire).

    4. Flint so I can light the fire.

    5. Backpack to put all my supplies in.

    6. Three thermal jackets/jumpers.

    7. Walking stick so it can help me up the mountain meaning something to
    lean on.

    8. Bottle to put my water in (from the natural spring).

    9. A torch to help me see in the dark.

    10. First aid kit in case I get injured.

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