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Aug 18

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This is the opportunity for you to post any News that you wish to share – from during your holidays to ongoing News throughout the year.

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  1. Miss Stubbs
    3:25 pm - 8-20-2015

    The Year 5 would also like to post some examples of their work on the blog too. Is that ok?

    • Mr Highton
      3:27 pm - 8-20-2015

      That would be a really good thing for both the Y5 & Y6 Classes to work together on.

  2. Mr Highton
    2:44 pm - 11-2-2015

    Welcome to the New Year 6 – feel free to add your own News.

  3. connor
    3:08 pm - 11-2-2015

    In the week me, my mum, dad and brothers went on holiday in a caravan at a farm.
    It was lots of fun. The three nights where lots of fun we met a dog called Megan. She was so cute that me and my brothers played with her for the three nights we spent there.

  4. matt
    3:08 pm - 11-2-2015

    I went to visit my Nan at the caravan. What a day !

  5. cody
    3:10 pm - 11-2-2015

    Hi Mr Highton my week off was brilliant I went to Crewe to see if I could get a new bike. I got a lovely mountain bike that is blue.

  6. angel t
    3:13 pm - 11-2-2015

    Diary entry for Conway Castle.

    On Tuesday 20th October 2015, Years 5 and 6 went to Conway Castle in North Wales because we were learning about Castles and Macbeth!

    This was the BEST day ever… We arrived at school at 8:45am and set off on the coach at 8:55. I was next to some of my annoying but funny friends Lilly, Leo, Billy and Declen.

    Eventually, at 10:20am we got to Conway Castle. Did you know in Welsh Conway is pronounced Conwy? It was outstanding. First we sat in front of the castle and had a snack, I had a bag of crisps. Then y5 went along the wall to the harbour and y6 went along the walls and though the Castle. Some of the places we went in together were the Prison Tower, the Watch Towers and the big Kings Chamber. After that, we split up into 5 groups, I was with Mrs Whitney!

    Meanwhile, after we explored the castle and the walls, we met up at the harbour where the boat was. When the Captain of the boat was ready for us, we made our way onto the boat and it began to move. To be honest I didnt know when the boat was moving because I was to busy eating my dinner! We went under one road and two bridges.
    Finally, after we got off the boat we played on the beach I got sand everywhere. We also played bull dog on the HUGE field!

    At 3 o clock we went to the coach and made our way home, and that was our amazing day.

  7. Jack s
    3:16 pm - 11-2-2015

    On the holidays I played outside with Harry, Megan,Angel and Liam. I also went swimming with Harry as well. We went on the obstacles. On Thursday I went to football training and on Saturday we played a match against Macclesfield and we got beat 3-1.

  8. angel t
    3:17 pm - 11-2-2015

    Hi Mr Highton it’s Angel. Since the week has went I mainly spent time playing out with my friends and seeing my Auntie because it was her birthday.

  9. abby
    3:36 pm - 11-2-2015

    Hi Mr Highton over the week I had a party at my Uncles. Then the other day my mum took me back there to build my castle. Then on Saturday it was Halloween and I got loads of candy. I had a great week.

  10. lilly
    4:39 pm - 11-2-2015

    On the 25 October I went to Delamere Forest with my Mum, Dad, my Brother and Tilly (my dog).We walked slowly down the man made path ways seeing towering trees arms bending down for us. Until my Brother started running with Tilly, playing fetch with a tennis ball. Then we came to a long steep hill so me, Tilly and Dad through our way down there but my mum and Brother carefully (step by step) made their way down. After that we found a rope swing on a tree. My Dad tried it out first because he didn’t want anyone getting hurt. IT WAS AMAZING!!
    Although it was beginning to go dark we went back through the forest to our car and went home to have a roast dinner.

  11. berfin
    4:45 pm - 11-2-2015

    Over the half term I went to Chester Zoo, and visited some funny and big animals such as bears and hedgehogs! As well as that,I went to Liverpool and I went on 2 trains to get there. It was so boring on the train because,inside and outside the train was nothing really just some houses and grass. Also, I enjoyed to make the black castle at home. It just didn’t make me bored instead I had a very happy day!!!

  12. Georgina
    4:49 pm - 11-2-2015

    Dear Diary,

    On October 20th year 5 & 6 went to Conwy Castle to see what a castle is like. Conwy Castle is in the North of Wales.

    Today year 5 & 6 are going to Conwy castle for the day to see what it would be like in a castle.We had to get to school for about 8:30am. After we did the register we all got put into pairs.(I got put with Mollie) and We got on the bus at about 8:40 and left at about 8:45.The down side of the trip is knowing that it would take 1 and a half hours to get there but in the end it was all worth it.

    Arriving at Conwy!,
    We finally arrived at Conwy at about 10 am ish.When we got there we had a little snack brake and played tag until it was time to go. When sir called us up and put us into groups some children got a tablet to take pictures and i was one of the children that did not but i didn’t mind.1 minute later we started walking up to the castle!!

    At round a bout half past 11 we started to walk up to the castle.The view was amazing, you could see the sea!We got to the court yard at started taking pictures. The first room we went into was the dinner hall.In the middle of the room there was a huge wire statue of a king.The second room was a room with a roof (lucky) and middle of Conway castle.

    At about 1:30 we got onto a boat and had our lunch. The boat took us right out to the Irish ocean for about 10 minutes.When we got back to shore we all got to play in the sand for a good 30 minutes.Most kids made sand castle and others just played. i made a sand castle but not a normal one… IT WAS ONE OF CONWY!!!

    End of day,
    Around about 4pm we got on the coach and went home. We got home about 5pm. The trip was long but so worth it.

    And that was are trip to Conwy!

  13. jack r
    4:49 pm - 11-2-2015

    The favourite part of my holiday was Halloween. I didn’t go trick or treating as I stayed in and watched a film with all the family. No one knocked at our house so we ate all the sweets and we had pizza for tea from Dominoes.

  14. liam finlayson
    6:17 pm - 11-2-2015

    I went trick or treating with my brother and sister and got lots sweets. I also went swimming with my cousin and went on the obstacle corse.

  15. Jack D
    6:30 pm - 11-2-2015

    On Tuesday 20th October 2015 years 5/6 from Grange CP School went on a trip to Conwy Castle. My favourite part of the trip was when we played on the beach. We marked our names in the sand whilst others like me were looking for stones, pebbles and shells to take home. The others were making castles and jumping into the sand. When we climbed the mighty castle walls you had an amazingly beautiful view of Conwy. Several of us overcame our fear of heights because the walls of the castle kept rising and rising. We slowly got used to the heights and that’s my favourite part of the trip.

  16. Jack D
    6:43 pm - 11-2-2015

    My favourite part of the holidays was Halloween because you get lots of sweets and you get to have lots of fun. My mum, my sister and I went to my nans and she gave us some sweets. I had pizza for my tea it was delicious.

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