Grange Primary

Jun 25

As you will know by now someone has been roped into the usual game of ‘SOAK THE TEACHER’.

Your task for this piece of work is to imagine how this person is feeling about the game? What sort of emotions/feeling could you write about from the image below?

Explain in a paragraph how this person is going to be concerned/excited about?

NB – Remember all money raised goes to a good cause.

1 x sponge = 25p 3 x sponges = 50p Full bucket of ice cold water =

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  1. brooke
    8:33 am - 6-26-2015

    I think Mr Highton would be feeling embarrassed as most of year 6 will be throwing sponges at him. If someone payed

  2. ellie
    8:33 am - 6-26-2015

    The person may feel shocked because he didn’t expect it to be so cold. He might feel relieved in case the person might be a bad thrower and miss him. The poor teacher would feel daft with people laughing at them!

    I’m going to soak Mr Highton so I can get him back for calling me a nickname!

  3. Callum
    8:39 am - 6-26-2015

    I think that Mr Highton will feel happy to raise money ,but sad because Mr Highton is going to get soaked. I can’t wait for Mr Highton to get soaked. I cannot go because I am going to my dad’s. This will be one of the best subject that is there. It will be good to get Mr Highton back.

  4. sebastian
    8:39 am - 6-26-2015

    As I saw the next person come to play soak the teacher,the child bought three sponges. As I saw him buy three sponges I muttered to myself “Oh no.” I started to worry because he had more sponges than anybody else. As he aimed at me I started to stare at him to see if he wouldn’t hit me. Will he hit me or will he miss? As he threw the sponges I closed my eyes. A couple of seconds later I heard a massive splat. Did he hit me? As I opened my eyes I said “I’m not wet.” I was so glad I wasn’t wet,as the child walked away another child came but this time he bought a bucket of ice cold water. As he bought the bucket of water I muttered to myself “Oh no, not again.”

  5. charlie
    8:40 am - 6-26-2015

    I think that the teacher we are soaking will most probably feel very very cold.Because everyone would most probably tip ice cold water on the teacher. I think the teacher we are soaking might feel sorry for their self because he will be getting soaked. Also a lot of the children will be getting their own back.

  6. niall
    8:44 am - 6-26-2015

    I think that the Teacher would be embarrassed as well as having to stay calm because they are about to have a sponge thrown at their face. Once the Teacher has had one sponge threw at them everyone will gather around, that makes the Teacher even more angry. I hope Mr Highton is the Teacher that gets soaked because I would like to get revenge on him, for all the tricks he’s played on me which are not even that funny any more.

  7. gracie
    8:45 am - 6-26-2015

    I think the teacher would feel anxious and freezing because of the ice water filled sponges. They would also not be bothered because they new it was coming. They might even want to get us back by throwing a sponge at us.

  8. Mason
    8:46 am - 6-26-2015

    I think that the teacher would have many different feelings and emotions including embarrassment,anger and also he would love to laugh when having the sponges thrown at him. I also think that when someone throws the sponge at a/the teacher and then everyone would start to laugh and the teacher would feel very upset.

  9. christopher
    8:47 am - 6-26-2015

    I think that the teachers are thinking I’m going to get freezing cold. But they are doing it to raise money for charity. Mr Highton is probably thinking the whole class is going to soak me! I’m going to waste LOTS of money on Mr Highton to soak him. #DRENCHMRHIGHTON! Also the Summer Fayre is today YAY!!!

  10. katie
    8:54 am - 6-26-2015

    It will be really funny if I put a big bucket of water over Mr Highton. Mr Highton will be freezing cold and so I think he will try to keep a straight face.

    Mr Highton will be shivering like mad when the school fayre ends. When a bucket of ice cold water goes over his head, his hair will be soaked. Also his top and shorts.

  11. Chloe
    8:55 am - 6-26-2015

    Every year Mr Highton took part of `SOAK THE TEACHER’ And every year there’s a boy called Jonny. He pays

  12. kian
    8:57 am - 6-26-2015

    I think the teacher would be feeling anxious if a Year 6 walks up and gets a sponge and chucked it at him really hard. If your teacher’s the one that is getting soaked and you’ve been in trouble with him that’s your time to get your payback. The teachers could also be enjoying it because it might be a really hot day and it might just be relaxing.

    • Mr Highton
      9:44 pm - 6-29-2015

      You are not implying that the Year 6 would get revenge on their teacher are you Kian?

  13. zack
    9:00 am - 6-26-2015

    I think that Mr Highton would be absolutely freezing and embarrassed that Y6s are throwing sponges at him. Mr Highton may also be thinking to himself “Why did I get this job? I should of just sat at home doing nothing.” After that a man named Mr Such tipped a bucket of water on Mr Highton. Then Mr Highton chased Mr Such around the playground.

  14. jess
    9:12 am - 6-26-2015

    I think that Mr Highton will feel freezing cold because alot of wet sponges will be thrown in his face. He might also feel daft because loads of little kids will be laughing at him and getting him back for all of the funny nicknames that he has called us. I don’t think that he will feel scared but he might feel really wet and he might want to go home when the funny event is over! It will be hilarious when we see him soaking wet and shivering like mad!

    • Mr Highton
      9:46 pm - 6-29-2015

      Hmmm Jessica – I take it you want to be in the ‘Lunchtime Club?’

  15. nikita
    9:50 am - 6-26-2015

    It will be the best day ever getting Mr Highton. I think he will feel happy because it is just a sponge and the money will be used for a good cause. Hopefully he wouldn’t grab any child again and use them as a shield because last time my mum put the bucket over his head. But he was still smiling and being happy.

    • Mr Highton
      9:48 pm - 6-29-2015

      Nikita ….. Did you feel the rain????

  16. dalton
    9:53 am - 6-26-2015

    I think Mr Highton will feel cold and he will want to go home. Brooke said “I am going to put the bucket over his head.” I’m not giong to go to the summer fayre.

    not fineshed

    • Mr Highton
      9:49 pm - 6-29-2015

      I saw you there Dalton!!!!

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