Grange Primary

May 22

During the half-term you will have 5 tasks to complete ready for your return back to school. Each task can be posted straight on to the blog or on paper, so that you can blog in school.

This is a reminder of the tasks:

Task 1 – Design a poster.
Task 2 – Diary entry.
Task 3 – Biography
Task 4 – Motivational speech
Task 5 – To choose one of the above and improve the piece.

As usual I will be available to respond to comments every night until 8.00pm should you require any help.

Enjoy the holiday but remember to do your homework too.

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  1. Kian
    9:07 am - 5-28-2015

    Dear diary
    I want to tell you that I am going to the arcade on Wednesday and I want to go on all of the claw machines. Also I would like to go on the ticket claw machine. What do you think I should go on? I have been thinking when the day comes I will go on the mini rides with my little step brother and play games with him.

    When I got there I went on a teddy claw machine and won my step brother a cushion, it was a power ranger cushion. Then with the rest of my money, I spent it on ticket claw machine. After I played that I played air hockey with my step brother we had three matches . The 1st match my step brother won, the second match I won and the last match I won again.

    #it was amazing.

    • Mr Highton
      2:03 pm - 5-28-2015

      Well Kian it sounds like both you and your step brother had a great time on the machines. It was also very kind of you to win the prize for him – bet he loved spending time with you.

      Thank you for the diary entry too.

  2. callum
    4:48 pm - 5-28-2015

    Dear diary, today was amazing,

    I went to chester zoo with my dad, sister and his girlfriend. She is nice and kind. She bought me a new game that I like.

    Right let’s go on about Chester Zoo now. It didn’t take Kerry long to get there. We didn’t have to queue up and pay because we did it online. The first thing we saw were the tigers. They were quite colourful. I found out several facts about elephants. What is the difference between an Asian elephant and an African elephant?

    • Mr Highton
      9:01 pm - 5-28-2015

      A good trip out to the Zoo Callum. As for the answer to your question – is it that one has bigger ears? (The Asian Elephant I think.)

  3. adam
    1:41 pm - 5-29-2015

    Dear diary

    I am going to the pictures with my friends and my brother. We are going to watch Marvels Avenger Ultron. Then after the movies we are going to the arcade and have some fun there. We may also go in the shopping centre and buy something like Halo, Star Wars or Lego to play with. I want to see the aquarium to see all of the fish and go to the zoo after.

    We like to go there every couple of days then and we will go to the circus tomorrow and see the clowns. We are going to the swimming place as well as going to the fair to go to the bumper cars and have fun.

    #It was amazing there.

    • Mr Highton
      8:00 pm - 5-29-2015

      I went on the Bumper Cars with Miss Stubbs last week at a concern. Mrs Partridge came and we all had a great time.

  4. Kian
    5:20 pm - 5-29-2015

    Hi my name is Kian.
    I have blond hair blue eyes and I don’t really like school but I’ll still go.
    I am a big supporter of Liverpool Football Club. They are awesome.
    I like FIFA and games that include adventures and many other things.
    When I am at my Nana’s my best friends knock for me. They are called Callum, Zack, Adam and sometimes Ben.
    My favourite sport is football.
    My favourite player in Liverpool is Coutinho.
    I feel the safest when I am with my family because they care about me.

    • Mr Highton
      7:49 pm - 5-29-2015

      Kian we both have the same favourite team – Liverpool FC. My best player is CANN – the German player.

  5. sebastian
    6:57 pm - 5-30-2015

    Today has been the best day ever because me, my brother and my dad were looking for a movie website. It took us ages to find a website but finally we found one. As we scrolled down we found fast and furious 7. When we watched it all I said to my dad “This movie was epic.” My dad agreed and so did my brother. Now were waiting for a new movie call Minions to come out and watch it at the cinema.

    • Mr Highton
      9:07 pm - 5-30-2015

      Remember to write in the ‘Diary’ structure.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the Movie Seb, I’ve not watched that one yet. Would you recommend it?

  6. jess
    3:59 pm - 5-31-2015

    Today was an amazing day!
    I went on holiday with my family and went to the swimming center with my cousin Rachael. We went swimming for about 2 hours. We enjoyed going on the water slide too many times and then we went in the outside pool, which for once wasn’t cold. The lifeguards had actually made the water warm for once. Yay.

    After swimming we went to a small pub that was across the road from mine and Rachael’s favourite arcade. My grandad gave us Both some money and we went on the 2p machines – trying to win little keyrings and mini toys. We had literally used all of our money in about a minute.

    When we arrived back at our caravan we got ready to go to the MASSIVE arcade that had entertainment and little food shops, like Burger King and a pizza shop. The pizza shop was my favourite because pizza is the best food in the world.

    We were at that club until midnight. It was an amazing day and I loved it.

    • Mr Highton
      4:50 pm - 5-31-2015

      Where did you go for your holiday Jess? I like eating at Burger King as I don’t like Pizza.

  7. zack
    9:10 am - 6-1-2015

    Dear diary,
    On Wednesday I went to Wales and we had fun on a lot of rides. However I went on bumper cars and my brother was trying to knock me off. After that I went to the arcades and the sweet shop to get some rock. #DELICIOUS!!
    I forgot to get Mr Highton some. Later that day my Mum went to book a caravan for this June and we are staying there for three days.

    On the holiday, I slept at my friend’s in Wharton and we went to pizza hut and bowling, his Dad won.

    • Mr Highton
      9:58 am - 6-1-2015

      What Zack no Rock!!!!

  8. adam
    1:05 pm - 6-1-2015


    I am going to talk about me what I always do at school, at home and when I go out.

    First at school we do some work when the teacher tells us to do it. When we come in to class once we did a story about the Eye of the Storm and I enjoyed doing it. First we got in groups to write the story. Then I did a letter to his family and we took it in turns to swap around. On Thursday we also did a newspaper report and the other things as well.

    Now I am going to say what I do at home. I do my home work and play some games, to have some fun, when I am bored. I play some games and go out with my friends, we play tag. We play on the swings, on the zipline and on the gym stuff to have loads of fun at the park.

    • Mr Highton
      3:22 pm - 6-1-2015

      I am too old to play on the equipment in your park I think Adam. But I do like the sound of you playing on the gym stuff. I can’t at the moment until my knee gets sorted.

  9. Christopher
    1:08 pm - 6-1-2015

    Dear diary,
    WOW! Today was the most incredible day of my life because I finally got into my dream team.
    However, there is a down side to it because I can’t play until the end of this season (which is very close).
    Then after that I will be a striker…
    Gosh I haven’t written in this diary for what feels like centuries and I only came here today because I SCORED THE WINNING GOAL in the Premier League that won the game.

    • Mr Highton
      3:13 pm - 6-1-2015

      In my dream team Christopher, I would also score the winning goal in the World Cup Final for England…

  10. jess
    2:39 pm - 6-1-2015


    I’m looking forward to my big day when I go on a one way trip to Mars on Saturday. I hope that I do well to find new discoveries for our life changing scientists!! I am extremely nervous about this trip and will be heartbroken that I won’t be able to see my loving family ever again. But I am doing what is right in my heart and I’m prepared for the journey ahead.

    The trip will be tough I know. It will take a few years to get to Mars, but I am willing to give up my life for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m trying to do what is right for our planet and our people!

    • Mr Highton
      3:27 pm - 6-1-2015

      Had I known about this incredible journey I would have put my name down to go too. However, I will have to rely on you sharing your experiences with the rest of the world. Good Luck on this epic adventure in your life.

  11. brooke
    2:42 pm - 6-1-2015

    Dear diary,

    On Saturday me, Brandon, Dad, my cousin Holly and Sarah went to Blackpool for the night. We stayed at in a bed and breakfast with a horrible parrot called Joey. It was very clever! Sarah put her finger in the cage because it turned its head to the side and then quickly turned around and bit her finger! Sarah was trying to get her finger out but the parrot wouldn’t budge!

    Around 1pm we all went into the arcades and I went into the laser tag. It was fun!! However there were two teams and Brandon and holly were on one, with a bunch of other people and I was on my own with loads of people about 17 years old. But my team still won!

    After that we all went on the rides on the South Pier. First me, Brandon and Holly went on the Crazy Frog 3 times. I was too small to go on but the man said I could. It was amazing because it felt like we were going to come out of the seat!

    • Mr Highton
      3:09 pm - 6-1-2015

      I like going to Blackpool too Brooke, but haven’t been for a few years. What was the weather like there? It is usually quite windy around this time of the year.

  12. jess
    3:39 pm - 6-1-2015


    Name: Jessica Finlayson
    Job: Space Woman
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female

    Jessica Finlayson gave up her life for a one way trip to Mars! She has a Mum and Dad at home that she will never see again, due to her decision to go to Mars. She said that she had made her mind up and that she is looking forward to the trip.

    Before Jess was ever a spacewoman she use to work with dogs in an animal home and her parents loved her job because they could always see her. But then she agreed to go to Mars and she broke her parents heart. Luckily they are still happy for her.

    She loves her job and she was unsure about the offer of the one way trip, but she believes what she is doing is right. Jessica has long blonde hair and she is quite tall. Her favorite food is pizza and she loves doves.

    • Mr Highton
      8:29 pm - 6-1-2015

      This Jess sounds like a very kind Lady. Do you think you could go to Mars without ever seeing your family again?

  13. adam
    3:57 pm - 6-1-2015

    I help all of my friends so they can try their best. One day at a time I want to change people lives. Think what I will do with other friends and family, so they can help other people too. (So they won’t do their mistakes again. They can help as well by doing it too. Then the World can respect and help us to start a new life and respect other people.
    Then make peace to all of the World and no one will be hurt. Then help the people who are in need to make a new life on earth.

    • Mr Highton
      8:15 pm - 6-1-2015

      I want to help make the World a better place too now Adam. Thank you.

  14. adam
    4:08 pm - 6-1-2015

    On my number 4 I can edit it so I can have some more longer sentences. I can change some of my work to make better sense or to think of different things to do. Every time I change it differently because I do not have the best words.

    • Mr Highton
      8:08 pm - 6-1-2015

      Adam – you have the right idea about editing your work. Keep trying to improve it to be the best you can do.

  15. farrah
    4:29 pm - 6-1-2015

    Dear diary,

    Yesterday was fun I went to Apple Jack’s Farm. Last time i went I couldn’t do anything because I had a broken arm. I had a race on a zip wire with my sister and I won – YAY! I really enjoyed it we then were really hungry so we went out for tea at the Carvery. I had a roast dinner it was delicious. We then headed to the shops and bought some juice.
    Today I went shopping with Lilly and got some stuff for our trip to Colomendy. When we were spent up and finished shopping, we started to walk home. I found out that I could sleep at Lilly’s house again for the fourth time! I then went home to get my stuff. When I got them we went to Lilly’s house and played on the ipad.

  16. chloe
    4:30 pm - 6-1-2015

    Dear diary,

    Today I had some slightly good news I WAS supposed to be sleeping as normal in my own room… But Les (Jessica’s Mum) Said “Chloe is sleeping at our house today” *Yeah!!

    First we all watched Spiderman the movie. Yes it sounds babyish BUT if you watch it, you’ll actually like it. Then we were planning on going bed but FAMILY GUY CAME ON!!! We (Jessica, Rachael, Liam, James and I) watched all six of them. After that we all went upstairs. The girls just played our favourite game: Movie Star Planet. Then I don’t know what happened next because I fell asleep.

    I woke up about 9am ish but sadly I had to go home so I can go see my Nan at the hospital. She is okay but is just sick.

    See you next time diary.


    • Mr Highton
      8:01 pm - 6-1-2015

      I hope you have been looking after your Nan whilst she has been ill?

  17. farrah
    4:36 pm - 6-1-2015

    Hi my name is Farrah.
    I have blonde hair and blue eyes.
    I have two brothers and one sister.
    My favourite food is pizza.
    My favourite thing to do is go clothes shopping.
    I am a Liverpool supporter.

    • Mr Highton
      7:56 pm - 6-1-2015

      I was hoping that you would include some of your hobbies or interests. A little bit too basic for your biography.

  18. chloe
    4:38 pm - 6-1-2015

    Hi, My name is Chloe I have brown hair and hazel eyes.
    My favourite hobby is drawing.
    I live in a family of 4 (If u include our dog, Frodo that’s 5. We count him as family since we have had him for 5 years.)
    My life started in Germany then we had to leave there I felt depressed because my life was over there and I had to throw it away. I came to England and still trying to find my spotlight. Until then, Bye!

    • Mr Highton
      7:53 pm - 6-1-2015

      I also lived in Germany for a few years Chloe – really liked the place too.

  19. brooke
    5:40 pm - 6-1-2015

    4: (motivational speech)

    Today I went into a blazing fire where I risked my life to save others! I do hope my family and friends are supportive of my decision to become New York City’s first ever… Super Hero! For when I die I will be remembered not just a woman named Brooke, but as a Super Hero named Miss Bantarouse!

    Thankyou very much for listening here today and may NYC be free of trouble for as long as we may live!

    • Mr Highton
      7:50 pm - 6-1-2015

      Clever way that you have linked some of your Homework tasks.

  20. brooke
    5:54 pm - 6-1-2015

    3: (Biography)

    Hi my name is Miss Bantarouse.
    I have big blue eyes with long wavy brown hair.
    My favourite thing to do is save people’s lives whilst risking my own.
    My hobbies include making gadgets to help people in need of assistance, like for example my laser eyes to cut through things when people are trapped under rubble or in a building.

    Although I love helping humans I also love helping animals. I have a huge soft spot for animals, especially for dogs and puppies! I only have one weakness but I can’t tell you as you could be a spy trying to take me down. My enemy is Dr Toboxoid, who hurts and traps animals up in tiny cages with only one or two handful of food a month! Luckily they have me to save then!

    My record of animals I have saved in one day from the evil clutches of Dr Toboxoid is 34 horses, 12 snakes and 78 dogs! I have lots of mighty strength I could lift 10 x my own body weight, (the same amount as two mini coopers!)

    • Mr Highton
      7:47 pm - 6-1-2015

      Miss Bantarouse – I think the World is a better place with you as a Super Hero.

  21. Kian
    6:44 pm - 6-1-2015

    My favourite piece I have done is my diary entry because I liked it when my step brother is included. I like it because I’ve included many other things. I think that it is one of the best pieces of work I have ever done on the blog.

  22. Kian
    6:52 pm - 6-1-2015

    I can’t wait until I travel to the moon in a rocket. I think it is going to be fun. I want to discover many other things that haven’t already been found. I hope that I would be the first kid and Mum to set foot on the moon together. I think many other people will be inspired by this and do it too. I can’t wait to start bouncing around on it. I don’t think I’ll like the armour you have to wear, it will probably be uncomfortable. Do you want to come?
    I reckon it will be a amazing!

    • Mr Highton
      7:40 pm - 6-1-2015

      What a great idea to go to the moon with your Mum. I wish I had thought about doing that.

  23. Kian
    7:01 pm - 6-1-2015

    School post

    Schools can sometime be boring but sometime they won’t be. For an example sport. Then the good one would be PE. I would say if I had the option to stay out of or going to school I would go for the first option – stay out of school. If I had to go school I would. Another one of the good things about school is you get to see all of your mates and you get PE I suppose it’s all right. Do you think school is good?

    • Mr Highton
      7:35 pm - 6-1-2015

      I’m sorry to hear that you are not enjoying school as much recently. Do you want to have a chat when we are back?

  24. katie
    8:13 am - 6-2-2015

    task 2

    Dear diary

    In the morning I had football training. It was difficult today but I learnt a new skill. My other striking partner, Grace, couldnt’t get the hang of it. So it ended up being my little skill. Hope I can use it in the game.

    10 minutes later me and the team got given our instructions on how we are going to play on match day. I’m happy to keep my favourite position.

    After my hard work this morning I decided to treat my self to a chinese meal. Not forgetting a trip to the cinema.

    Time for bed see you tomorrow diary.

    • Mr Highton
      6:31 pm - 6-2-2015

      Looking forward to seeing your new ‘trick’ in the next game Katie.

  25. Mason
    8:15 am - 6-2-2015

    Dear Diary,

    On Tuesday I went to Liverpol with my Mum. We did lots of things. It didn’t take long, even though we were on the train. Also my cousin Jack came.

    When we arrived in Liverpool we went straight to Liverpool One and into Gourmet Burger. I think they have some of the nicest burgers ever! After that we went and played mini-golf/crazy golf and I won. It was nearly time to go back. My mum had to go into a clothes shop – that was boring. Then we went back to the train station and got on the train.

    • Mr Highton
      6:33 pm - 6-2-2015

      I don’t like going shopping for clothes for myself either Mason. Bet Mum enjoyed her shopping though.

  26. Chloe
    8:27 am - 6-2-2015

    I just came back from a concert and people kept throwing their phones on stage because they knew I would have to give it them back. (Losers…)

    I`m practising for a new music video called “No-one else”. I don`t get the point of the video either. All I know is that it`s about a break up (urgg…)

    see you next time,


    • Mr Highton
      6:29 pm - 6-2-2015

      I hope no fans read this post Pixi as they will not like being called a ‘Loser’….

  27. callum
    8:28 am - 6-2-2015

    Dear diary,

    Today I am going to sign for Liverpool FC. I trained so hard to get into their starting eleven. The lineup was Mignolet in net, defence was Emre Can, Martin Skrtel and Mamadou Sakho. In midfield we had Henderson, Couthino, Albert Moreno and Markovic. The final two strikers were me and Daniel Sturridge.

    It was the day of the FA Cup final Liverpool v Everton. It was one all at Half time. In the 79th minute it went 2-1 to Liverpool. I was the one who scored. I curled it past the wall and struck it into the corner.

    goodbye for now , callum.

    • Mr Highton
      6:26 pm - 6-2-2015

      What a game it was to watch Callum. I thought you should have been the Man of the Match.

  28. niall
    9:27 am - 6-2-2015

    Dear diary,

    Hi my name is Niall and I’m classed as the World’s Greatest Actor. I’ve starred in plenty of films such as Fast and Furious 9 and many more. Last week was the greatest week I have ever had. I went Camping, Skiing and a couple other things. The best one though was that I won a Trophy, it’s gigantic. Once I had got my Trophy something else amazing happened to me and my Wife. We got given a Mansion in San Francisco, it’s so nice there. That was the end of my amazing week.

    • Mr Highton
      6:23 pm - 6-2-2015

      I thought I was the World’s Greatest Actor Niall?

  29. ellie
    11:49 am - 6-2-2015

    Dear diary,

    This week has been outstanding with all of the adventures I’ve had.

    On Friday 30th May me and Gracie went to Welshpool in Wales. It took us 2 hours and a half to get there and it was quite boring. But luckily I had my Girl Online book to entertain me. We went there for 3 day.
    When we came home me and Gracie had a Dominoes Pizza. On Thursday 29th May my mum bought me Dominoes also and I ate it all in ten miniutes.

    On wednesday 28th May I went to my Nan’s with my cousins. Out of all of the events, my favourite one is the trip to Welshpool because we where enjoying the hot weather. We met 15 friends. I slept at my Dad’s house on the 22nd of May and I had Starbucks and Benny and Jerry’s Icecream.

    • Mr Highton
      6:20 pm - 6-2-2015

      What a busy few days you had Ellie – plenty of new experiences for you to write about.

  30. charlie
    11:54 am - 6-2-2015

    Dear diary

    Today I have the biggest headache ever, all because of the concert I performed. At the concert, all the girls where screaming. Today all I’m just going to do is sit down and have a cup of tea and maybe I might go skate boarding. I hope to be able to chill with charlie and also go to bed at 9pm because I am soo tired…


    • Mr Highton
      6:16 pm - 6-2-2015

      Oh Leondre – life is so terrible when you have your fans screaming at you when you are performing.

  31. gracie
    11:58 am - 6-2-2015

    Dear diary,
    Today was great I went to Mcdonalds – it was so fun, but was a long walk there though. If I was a movie star I would have to walk through the forest, so photographers wouldn’t be able to take pictures of me. I think it would be hard to live like a movie star because everyone would follow me.People might even hate you because I’m the center of attention. I would not want to be a movie star, the life I have now is much easier.

    • Mr Highton
      6:13 pm - 6-2-2015

      Life is much easier for children Gracie. No responsibilities.

  32. Ben
    7:15 pm - 6-3-2015

    When I was walking in the town when I saw a beautiful women. She reminded me when I was young and beautiful too. I was so angry that I bragged about it. Now I have snakes in my hair. When people stare at me I turn them into stone. I get so jealous…

    • Mr Highton
      9:56 pm - 6-3-2015

      Brilliant link to flashbacks from your Literacy today.

  33. Callum
    7:25 pm - 6-3-2015

    As I climbed up the snowy mountain, the snow dropped down onto my frozen skin. The white snow came all the way up to my waist. I climbed over the snow and stomped the clear snow off effortlessly.

    All of a sudden, I noticed a Yeti crawl out of his Igloo and straight away a memory of the mighty Crius, the Egyptian god came to me. Crius was the Titan god and looked a bit like a Yeti. I remember being there, being there when he chopped somebody’s head off. His two metre axe sliced through the Greek man’s head. Then I ran off and tried to forget about it. Now that memory is inside my mind, I will never forget it!!

    • Mr Highton
      9:52 pm - 6-3-2015

      Well done Callum with this task. Very pleased at you linking Flashbacks from your Literacy into your Topic work.

  34. Chloe
    7:59 am - 6-4-2015

    I was sat down on my throne until I heard a little girl’s laughter. It sounded like that girl back in 2nd grade and took me back in time. . .

    There I was playing with my friends when the sweetest most magnificent girl I had ever seen came past. I stood there staring and she giggled and blew me a kiss. All my friends were laughing at me so I shouted “SHUT UP!!” Some magic powers came out of my hands and everyone got scared. They ran away from me. . . I never saw them again.

  35. charlie
    8:02 am - 6-4-2015

    I stood staring at a fair maden with golden hair. Her skin as fair as snow and luscious rosey red lips. It almost looked like her when she was younger but there was one difference between them. It was she never blabbed to people of how fair she was. It took her back.

    Medusa stood hissing at the young girl that was in her territory. The young girl didn’t know what to do. But when Medusa got her, she turned her to smooth solid stone. She felt bad about what she had done and asked her self..

    “Why did I do it?”

  36. gracie
    8:05 am - 6-4-2015

    It was a cold and windy day and everything was silent. But the wind witch was howling like a wolf. Everyone was worried that the Chimera was going to come. Then an arrow shot up into the air, it sent me back to an earlier time in my life.

    I was sat on my trusty steed Pegasus as an evil Chimera appeared. He terrified everyone. This was my chance, he was still. I fired my arrow and it sunk deep into the Chimera’s back. Everyone cheered when he was dead. Suddenly the ground started to shake. The thunder started and a massive tornado came rushing towards me. The storm had started.

  37. ellie
    8:06 am - 6-4-2015

    Perseus+ Medusa

    Perseus was sat in the garden with his wife, Zara. They were getting ready to go to the library. When they were at the library Perseus found a book about greek myths and he found Medusa’s name on the front. It took him back many years…

    My mother was kidnapped by a evil King so I had to do a quest to get her back. The quest was to get Medusa’s head on the plate. So I went to the old wizard because I knew that I needed help. I told him about it and he said that I was a silly boy. He gave me a diamond sword and a shiny sheild.

    My next stop was Mount Atlas so I could get a cloak, helmet and flying sandals. All 3 Witches passed an eye around so they could see and I quickly snatched it out of their dirty hands. I said to them “give me the stuff and I will give the eye back!” After they gave me the stuff I snuck in and chopped her head off.

  38. matthew
    8:07 am - 6-4-2015

    I stood on top of the Irish hills sharpening my axe’s blade, getting ready to slay the Minions of the darknes. As lightening struck, a huge army of them rushed over the hill. I grabbed my axe and charged at them. This reminded me about the time my Dad did this and I would stand there and watch him slay hundreds and hundreds of minions. Then he gave me this axe. The one I carry around every day.

  39. kian
    8:08 am - 6-4-2015

    As Theseus looked around the room for something to do, he didn’t find something to do. He looked at his sword. The one that he fought the Minotaur with. Suddenly, whilst holding the sword it sent him back to when he fought the Minotaur. The Minotaur nearly killed Thesaus but he switched around and killed him. SWISH loads of blood squirted out.

  40. sebastian
    8:10 am - 6-4-2015

    There he was sitting down on the bench in the park. A group of kids playing in the sand pit. A couple of minutes later a toddle screamed because a boy had thrown sand in her eyes.That’s when he remembered about killing Medusa.

    As I sat down on the floor my father Zeus told me to kill Medusa and bring back her head. I got past the three blind women and I finally got to her. She looked around causiouly for me.I knew I couldn’t look at her or I’d turn into stone. As I looked through my shield, I saw her head. I had one chance but if I miss I have failed. I slashed her head off.
    Two days later I brought the head to Zues. He was surprised when I gave him the head because nobody had been able to do what I did.
    I will never forget that day…

  41. jess
    8:13 am - 6-4-2015


    As Medusa hid in a never ending labrynth. She strolled around trying to turn people into stone with her devilish looks. She saw a face carved into one of the walls in the labarynth. It looked awful familiar, untill she realised who it was… Athenda the goddess that had turned her into the horrible snake creature that she is! Then it took her back.

    I was crying. Athenda a beautiful godess had turnd me into an evil snake monster! My long blonde hair had turned to snakes. My blue shiny eyes had turned into darting animal eyes and my long legs had turned into a snake tail. I was a monster! She turned me into this creature because she said I was vain and she wanted me to be ugly so she could be the prettiest. I hate her so much for doing what she did. Now I’m so ugly that she has cursed me. Whenever someone looks at me in the eye they would turn to… stone!

    I will NEVER forget that day!

  42. brooke
    8:14 am - 6-4-2015


    Ortheus was slouched in his torn old chair, bored and upset. Even after Eurydice went to the underworld 12 years ago, Ortheus is still traumatised by letting her go! All of a sudden Ortheus heard a blazing fire spitting and then he remembered…

    I was learning to play the lyre for the Hades gate guards. Apollo was teaching him. With a deep breath I played it sweetly whilst singing like an angel. It worked the Hades gates opened and the underworld was there right in front of me!

    • brooke
      8:22 am - 6-4-2015

      I stepped inside. The iron gates slowly closed behind me. When I went in I saw fire all around me, I felt dizzly and boiling but I knew I had to find Eurydice! A light breeze shook me up and I awoke from my trace. The fire that had once been roaring had gone out and I was back in my iving room.

  43. niall
    8:14 am - 6-4-2015

    I stood waiting for Poseidon my Husband. At that exact moment a golden Blonde haired girl strolled right infront of me. I thought that I was prettier than her but then I remembered that I had Snake hair. The memories flooded my mind, I was a little girl with hair as golden as the sun.
    My Hair was beautiful but it was replaced when I was 21. BY SNAKES.

    I had to get my hair chopped off because of someone called Perseus. His Mother was kidnapped and an evil King requested for me. He wanted my hair to be chopped off and put an evil spell on me. The spell was if you looked into my eyes you would immediately turn to stone.

  44. christopher
    8:18 am - 6-4-2015

    Medusa sat on her comfy bed admiring herself in the mirror. Her golden hair glistened in the golden sun. Every day she boasted about her incredible beauty. Until … she was cursed to be utterly ugly and have vicious snakes instead of hair.
    Medusa looked in the golden rimmed mirror one day and…

    I’m here again with my golden hair and a face to die for! I’m my regular self again, just a fair maiden. My eyes are bright and saphire blue like the deep ocean.

  45. lewis
    8:22 am - 6-4-2015

    King Theseus kills the Minotaur and is laying on the floor because
    the Minotaur killed the children. A dead Minotaur and we are now safe outside.
    Thank you King Theseus said the people.

  46. nikita
    8:23 am - 6-4-2015

    One day many years ago Medusa the Gorgon were climbing up the moutain side. She was emotional for she had been banished for all eternity by the words of the gods. After a long stroll she reached the top only to be met by Athena’s temple. The reason why she is there.

    I saw the temple of the beautiful Athena and I am reminded of the hidiousness she had beastowed on me. I can almost hear her shouting the words that banished me for all eternity. “Medusa how you have been so vain that this has led upon me. You brought it all on yourself. I banish thee to a life of misery and solitude. My great gift to humanity will be your banishment.”

  47. farrah
    8:28 am - 6-4-2015

    Theseus and the Minatour

    Theseous was looking calmly into the distance as black mist covered the gloomy sky. It was the day after Theseus had just killed the terrible beast Minatour. He was lucky enough to slay him and find a way out of the Labyrinth. He took Arianade with him when he left but then abandoned her to make his father, the king of Athens, to commit suicide.

    I slowly put up the white flag. It slowly rised into the sky. The white flag reminded me of when I was younger and I was sat down on the long juicy, green grass. My friend was sat next to me, that was the last time we spoke to each other. When it was his time to go home he did not return, no one knew where he went!. I walked away from the ship and strolled to my castle.

  48. Mason
    8:29 am - 6-4-2015

    Theseus stood in the middle of his town saying “good morning” to everyone that walked past. Rain was falling all over the town, but Theseus did not care about the rain he was immortal. In the distance Theseus saw someone wearing a furry coat and that is when it brought him back.

    I stood on top of the beast, I had done it. I had defeated the Minotaur. Victoriously, I strolled my way out of the labryinth to the princess. “YES!!” she shouted “You have done it!” We walked away from the labryinth and to our ship. When we got to the ship everyone cheered. I was succsessful!

  49. katie
    8:08 am - 6-5-2015


    Theseus sat helplessly on the the couch holding a golden framed picture. The picture was of his beloved dad, as he wiped the tears from eyes he wispered “I love you!” It reminded him of his horrible journey through the maze.

    The guards shoved me through the door. Cautiously I tied the string to the door and went searching for the Minotour. Before very long I found the Minotour, he came racing to me. Just before he was about to killed me I stabbed him and he fell to the ground.

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