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Dec 23

This is an opportunity for Miss Stubbs to post some comments about her trip abroad to different Countries. During her trip she is hoping to give us updates and send us photos of some of the special places she has visited.

Task: Your task is to comment on Miss Stubbs posts or ask her some questions.

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  1. christopher
    10:02 pm - 12-29-2014

    Miss Stubbs on holiday abroad, I hope you are having a great time. Can you spare some time to send us a photo of your favorite view please. Also how warm has it been?

  2. Miss Stubbs
    8:13 pm - 12-30-2014

    Hi Christopher. Arrived in Bangkok, Thailand a few hours ago after a 16 and a half hour journey. 2:30am on New Year’s Eve and can’t sleep as suffering from jetlag and air conditioning in hotel room not working!!!! At moment the temperature is about 27

    • Mr Highton
      9:37 pm - 12-30-2014

      Thanks Miss Stubbs for your reply to Christopher, I’m sure he and the other children would love to see some of your pictures.

      Happy New Year to you all over there too.

  3. ellie
    9:10 am - 12-31-2014

    I hope you are enjoying travelling abroad and visiting all sorts of exciting countries Miss Stubbs? How long did it take to get to your favorite country and what is your favorite? If you went to Spain, mine would be that because I go there every year! Did you go on a plane or ship? I’m too scared to go on a ship because I’m use to flying and I will get sea sick.

  4. Kian
    11:05 pm - 12-31-2014

    Hi Miss Stubbs are you having a great time on holiday? I it warmer than Winsford? It’s very icey in Winsford. Whilst you have been away there has been snow.

  5. Miss Stubbs
    11:32 am - 1-1-2015

    I have to say that I am so glad that I am not in Winsford at the moment if it is cold and icy Kian. The temperature today has been about 33 degrees Celsius (very hot and sticky). Spent about 8 hours today traveling over the boarder from Bangkok into Cambodia. Am now staying in a town called Siem Reap which is in the North of the country and shall be here for two days.

    Ellie, I traveled to Thailand by plane. I had to fly from London to Hong Kong and then from Hong Kong to Thailand. It took about 16 hours to get here. I loved Thailand but unfortunately I was only here for a day and a half so did not to have much time to do very much.

    Hopefully sending photos in the next few day so you can see some of the exciting places in Bangkok I visited.

    (Mr Highton can you please tell me how to attach photos please !!!!!)

    • Mr Highton
      3:20 pm - 1-1-2015

      Miss Stubbs – if you send your pictures to my School email address I will upload them for you.

      Hope you are enjoying your travels.

  6. mason
    12:05 pm - 1-2-2015

    Miss Stubbs on her travels, I hope you have had a lovely time in all the countries you have visited. How many countries have you visited so far?

  7. nikita
    2:57 pm - 1-2-2015

    Hi Miss Stubbs it’s Nikita wishing you a very Happy New Year. It’s been very cold here and on Boxing Day we had a little bit of snow, not enough to make a snowman though. I hope you are enjoying yourself and getting lots of rest while you are away.
    See you at school.

  8. jess
    11:38 am - 1-3-2015

    Hi Miss Stubbs I hope you have a wonderful time. Please can you take pictures of your favourite places and tell us why they were your favorite.

    Thank you from Jess.

  9. Mr Highton
    7:22 pm - 1-3-2015

    Email from Miss Stubbs –

    Having a fab time but very hectic. Cambodia absolutely amazing and people really friendly but poverty is dreadful. Really is like a third world country for many people. Makes you feel so humble.

    I’ve been trying for over an hour to attach a few photos for you to either show kids or attach to blog but the computers and wifi system in the guest house is something from the dark ages and is so slow and keeps on crashing. So am giving up for now as going on a trip soon to a Buddhist temple.

    Am leaving Siam Reap today and travelling into rural and less tourist parts of Cambodia. WiFi access is extremely patchy at the moment and for the next few days will probably be non existent. Is there a way to attach photos to blog? If so can you email me the complete idiots guide!!!!! I’ll be in touch on the blog soon and will send pictures as soon as I am able.

    Bye for now form Sunny Cambodia

  10. gracie
    3:31 pm - 1-4-2015

    Miss Stubbs I hope u have a great time around the World. Good luck!!
    If you can, please can you take as many pictures as you can.

  11. charlie
    5:22 pm - 1-4-2015

    Have a nice trip we will miss you and good luck for your travels. Hope you have an amazing time

  12. Brooke
    6:49 pm - 1-4-2015

    I have always wanted to travel. How many countries have you visited already?
    What’s the hottest country in your travels? Are you going to any cold countries?
    How many countries are you going to visit?

    Hope you have a great time Miss Stubbs.

  13. niall
    5:13 pm - 1-5-2015

    Hope you are having a great time abroad have a Happy New Year. I cant wait until you get back from your holiday. Everyone else cant wait until you get back.

  14. Matthew
    8:23 am - 1-6-2015

    Hope you are having a great time there and can you take some pictures and show us and the rest of the school what you have done on your holiday trip out.

  15. megan k
    11:05 am - 1-9-2015

    Hope you have a nice holiday, and I hope we see you soon. Please can you tell us what was your best food, thank you.

  16. enes y4
    11:13 am - 1-9-2015

    I hope you come back soon, we have all missed you. We have been looking at your pictures and they are very interesting.
    When you come back we will all be happy, we wish you a joyful holiday.

    Good luck on your travels.

  17. kacey Y4
    11:15 am - 1-9-2015

    Hope you’re having a good time on your holiday. Miss you lots.
    Whats your favourite food? What is it like in Cambodia?
    Do you like it there?
    Year four miss you – we have been learning about sound and ancient Egypt. We enjoy it so much. Did you buy anything?

  18. Amelia y4
    11:16 am - 1-9-2015

    Dear Miss Stubbs

    I hope you are having a great time on your holiday and I won’t be back after today.

    Good look on your travels

    Good bye Miss Stubbs

    By Amelia xx

  19. megan k
    11:20 am - 1-9-2015

    Did you buy any items to show us when you come back from your holiday? I really liked the floating market as well.

  20. farrah
    3:34 pm - 1-12-2015

    Hello Miss Stubbs hope you are having a good time on your travels.

  21. miss stubbs
    4:22 am - 1-17-2015

    Hi all. In Vietnam now. Really enjoying it. The scenery is beautiful but i do miss being in Cambodia. The people were much more friendly and the pace of life much more relaxed. I’m also missing the food in Cambodia. Being a vegetarian, i have very limited choice of food and getting a bit fed up with eating boiled rice or noodles with vegetables which have been made for western taste and have very little flavour. The best food i have had so far has been an amok in Cambodia which is a traditio nal curry with vegetables, chilli, lemongrass, coconut and ginger and a vegetables tom yum – which is is a hot spicy soup in Thailand.

    I stayed for two days in Ho Chi Min city which is in the south of Vietnam. It is extremely hectic and the road are filled with thousands of people on scooters and motorbikes. It is quite frightening when crossing the roads as there are no crossings and the local people seem to ignore all traffic lights and signs and ride their bikes on the roads and pavements where they want.

    Spent 3 days in a town by the sea called Na Trang. Been on a visit to some local islands and met some of the local people and learnt how they lived. Also been swimming, snorkeling and hired a motor bike and rode to the nearby mountains. I am leaving shortly and travelling north on an overnight sleeper train to Hoi An. The weather is definitely getting cooler the further north of Vietnam i travel and the weather forecast looks like i could be getting very wet as they have predicted lots of heavy rain.

    • Mr Highton
      7:07 pm - 1-17-2015

      Sounds like you are really enjoying your travels Miss Stubs. Your Class are missing you and have asked how long before you are coming back. I told them it wasn’t too long now and they smiled.

      Weather here is very cold, wet and windy. Expecting a week of bad storms next week so you will notice a drop in temperature when you get back to the UK.

      It’s been very busy as usual at school – I am taking the whole of KS2 to the World Museum in Liverpool on 22nd, so will post some pictures & comments from all Year Groups on the blog.

      I have shared the photos you emailed with everyone here and will upload them this week. Enjoy the rest of your trip and will share this post with the children on Monday.

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